From Small Things… Nov15

From Small Things...

Sometimes it only takes a small thing, a chance occurrence, to remind you that life is indeed beautiful.

Going Home Aug11

Going Home

What causes us to make the choices we end up making…to end up on this road, in this place, at this moment in time?

My Story Jan17

My Story

This is my story. ‘Nuf said.

A kid, a hero. Sep12

A kid, a hero.

  I met her once, I think it was at a wedding I knew her father She was just a kid She grew up to be a fighter, on the (soccer) field and off She was a hero She lost her last fight the other day I never really knew her, yet her struggle will stay with me forever,…and make mine that...

Bigger than a Giant Apr21

Bigger than a Giant

A little wine bar closes down, forced out of business by a giant box store. What they could never take away however is, well, obvious…